Unitatea literara a Cartii Plangeri


The purpose of this article is to evaluate the extent to which we can talk about a literary unity of the “Book of Lamentations”, in which of the fact that a growing number of biblical scholastics consider this sacred writing to be the creation of more successive authors. Consequently, we tried to pursue the unity of the composition from different angles: literary structure, repetition, reversibility. With reference to the literary structure, we focused on the way in which one can speak about a paradigm, or a pattern, of poetry. By surveying the repetition – both of the words and of the sentences – we wanted to highlight the way in which the author(s) use it all along the composition. As regards the reversibility of the ayin and pe lines (letters 16 and 17 from Hebrew alphabet), an inversion which is used in this form also in Pss. 9-10, it can be rightly seen as a particularity of this acrostic. Although the author(s) had the possibility not to use it, it appears in three from the four acrostic poems. (citeste)

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